The Community Health and Development Organization – (CHDO) is a local non-political and non-profit organization. It was established on 19th January 2022 by the directorate of NGOs, Ministry of Economy Afghanistan. This Local NGO was formed according to the willingness of the community people in a view to deal with the present socio-economic problems in different villages, districts, and provinces of Afghanistan. This NGO is established to develop the Afghan community from different aspects like health and education. The founders, Board of Directors, and Executive team of CHDO have vast experience in different fields. They have experience in successfully establishing and running businesses. This team has successfully implemented and completed many projects. CHDO was established to help Afghan people and society in health, education, and humanitarian assistance. The knowledge and experience that this team posses will surely have a very positive impact on the lives of Afghan people during the implementation of its projects.

Year of Establishment:  CHDO was established in 2022.


A society, free of violence and discrimination where people can reach their human rights based on the concept of civil society, democracy, justice, and gender equality.

Mission Statement 

To promote human rights, gender equality and to contribute to the eradication of violence and discrimination of any kind against classes of society especially women and children, CHDO is committed to increasing women empowerment and leadership in the field of education, peace, and social development through:

• Awareness raising among people and community human rights and participation in educational and health development.

• Improving the living condition and self-sufficiency among marginalized communities and street working people who are (literate, illiterate) through provisions of educational and health services, income-generating projects, and skills development.

• Improve the health and psycho-socio well-being among vulnerable society especially women and children through its services and innovative environmental protection projects.